Prepress – the critical step
prior to printing.

Here, we process your digital file, ensure it’s in a suitable format, and get it ready for press. Among the many checkpoints, we make sure all photographs and other graphics are in order, fonts are correct, and margins and paper size are accurate. In short, rest assured that you will start off right.

Experts and the technology they wield – this is why our prepress department
has your back:

  • Desktop technology using both Macintosh and PC platforms that support all graphic design software applications.
  • Easy file submission to our secured FTP site.
  • Digital integrity – assured with our Kodak Prinergy Connect/Insight and AGFA Apogee systems using ROOM Workflow (rip once output many).
  • Automated workflow that employs on-the-fly preflighting, custom scripting
    and action lists.
  • Epson 9900 color inkjet proofs calibrated to G7 standards.
  • SpinJet proofer for backed-up digital plotter proofs.
  • Soft proofs using a single-page format or an imposed signature.
  • Plate-making using high-resolution thermal platesetting.
  • Staccato, Sublima and conventional screening.

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