Mailing and Distribution

The blocking and tackling
of printing services.

There’s no technological edge in this department. Success comes down to fundamentals. We put our value on display simply by delivering your materials on time and in the most cost-effective manner.

Together with you, we’ll find ways to take advantage of all available postal discounts. We’ll always use the most reliable and economical freight service possible. By doing business this way, you can save thousands of dollars annually.

These are the tools of the J.B. Kenehan mailing and distribution department:

  • Ink jet printing and mailing
  • In-line wafer sealing/tabbing
  • In-line refolding
  • Cheshire label
  • Full data services
  • File formatting
  • Mail.dat file preparation
  • CASS
  • Merge/Purge
  • Bar Coding
  • NCOA
  • File conversion
  • Sortation
  • UPS / FedEX / DHL / USPS
  • JBK Trucking
  • Freight Routing Services
  • On-site Postal Verification
  • Poly Bag
  • Blow in Cards
  • Co-Mail
  • Drop Shipping and Fulfillment

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