How do I log in to the J.B. Kenehan FTP server?

There is a link in the upper right hand corner of our website. You will need to know your user id and password. Contact your J.B. Kenehan Customer Service Representative if you need this information. Compress any native files and fonts before uploading. It is not necessary to compress PDF files. Label your PDF files by page number, and remember to avoid the use of symbol characters in your file labels. For further information, see detailed FTP information in our Knowledge Center.

Who is my first point of contact for production information at JB Kenehan?

That would be your Customer Service Representative. Always contact your CSR whenever you have questions or require some assistance.

What graphic file formats does JB Kenehan require for production?

The most efficient graphic file format for print production is PDF/X-1a:2001. Using this format will help to ensure that your files will be delivered as print-ready documents.

What applications do you recommend for building ads and pages?

Adobe® InDesign® and Quark XPress® are the standard ad and page layout applications.

Can I use Adobe® Illustrator® for page layout?

You can, but that would be cumbersome. Use Illustrator to create vector graphics for your ads and pages. Use a layout application such as InDesign to build the layout. From there, export your graphics and text to PDF/X-1a:2001.

What is the best rich black blend?

At JB Kenehan, we recommend that you use a blend of 100% black, 30% magenta, 30% cyan, and 30% yellow.

What do I need to do about trapping?

Nothing, your files are trapped as they are processed through the JBK imaging system.

Should I preflight my files before I send them to JB Kenehan?

It’s always a good idea to preflight your PDF files before you send them off for production. Contact your CSR if you need assistance with preflighting.

How are my files processed?

Your files are automatically downloaded from FTP as soon as they are fully uploaded. They are then processed into our imaging system. The files are preflighted, trapped, imposed and ripped. We will contact you if we have any problems with your files.

What image resolution does JBK require?

200 d.p.i. for grayscale, 300 d.p.i. for color, and 600 d.p.i. for bitmap images.

What should I do if I need help with my ads, graphics, photos, and pages?

Please contact your CSR. They are there to assist you with all your production needs. All technical support is free-of-charge. Our experts are there for you, whenever you need assistance.


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